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  • Offshoring / Outsourcing Expert 
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  • Business analyst & creative thinker

My Core Values:


Equality of Lives
One life in my country is worth the same as one life in your country.

Focus on Value.
I am worth as much as the value I create for others.

Personal Growth.
Every day is an opportunity to be better than I was yesterday.

Eliminate Poverty.
With the combined will of humanity, poverty does not need to exist. Everyone is responsible.

Peak Experiences.
Exciting, intense, wonderful and scary experiences are food for the soul.


My Personal “WHY” – what motivates me:


To explore the fringes of human understanding, distilling and mapping the complex, into tools and wisdom that are accessible to all.

My book released in January 2013 has been acclaimed as a definitive work of the challenges facing Australia from micro-globalism, offshoring and outsourcing and how it can be used to our advantage.


Click here to download the first three chapters of Scott’s book on offshoring/ outsourcing

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